Kabasura Kudineer preparation method, Uses & Benefits

What is Kabasura Kudineer? 

The Word “Kabam” is referred as “Chest” and “Respiratory organ”. According to Siddha and Ayurveda medicines, there are Three Fundamental energies in Human body called Tridoshas. (வாதம், பித்தம், கபம்.) 

  • Vatta” as Vattam. வாதம் (Tamil) – Occupies Pelvis and Rectum.
  • “Pitta” as Pitham. பித்தம் (Tamil) – Occupies Stomach and Internal Viscera or Internal organs of body.
  • “Kapham” as Kabam. கபம் (Tamil) – Occupies Lungs, Throat and Head.

Kabasura Kudineer Chooram is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory prescribed regularly for treatment of fever, cough, cold, sneezing and sore throat symptoms of Covid-19.

In this Pandemic situation, many Siddha Doctors in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India have suggested “KabaSuba Kudineer” to Government of India as well as Prime Minister – Narendra Modi. This Siddha Medicinal components helps from preventing the attack of this severe SAARS Corona virus (Covid-19) into our human body. But still now no Official approval has been received from Government of India (Ministry of Ayush).

Note: Tamil Nadu based Siddha Doctor Mr. Thiru Thanikasalam Veni from Rathna Siddha Hospital & Herbal Research Centre in Chennai has claimed that he was invented medicine for Corona Virus. Source

What are the symptoms that Kabasuram kudineer will cure?

  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Cold
  4. Chest pain
  5. Wheezing sound
  6. Sweating
  7. Body pain

What are the Ingredients to prepare “Kabasura Kudineer“?

List of Ingredients to prepare home-made Kabasura Kudineer:

  1. Saussurea lappa Root ( Kostam )
  2. Adathoda vasica Leaf ( Adathodai Elai)
  3. Hygrophilla auriculata Root ( Mulli Ver )
  4. zingiber officinale ( Chukku )
  5. Piper longum  ( Thippili )
  6. Syzygium aromaticum (Ilavangam )
  7. Tragia involucrate Root ( Cirukancori Ver )
  8. Anacyclus pyrethrum Root ( Akkirakaram Ver )
  9. Terminalia chebula  ( Kadukkaithol )
  10. Coleus amboinicus Leaf ( Karpooravalli Elai )
  11. Tinospora cordifolia Stem ( Seenthil Thandu )
  12. Clerodendron serratum Root ( Siruthekku )
  13. Andrographis paniculata ( Nilavembu Samoolam )
  14. Cissampelos pareira Root ( Vattathiruppi Ver )
  15. Cyperus rotundus ( Korai Kizhangu )

People in United states of America, Italy, Spain, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, India and other mostly affected countries could also in-take Kabasura Kudineer, if it is officially tested and approved.

What are the benefits and Uses of Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam?

Benefits & Uses of Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam: 

Kabasura Kudineer treats and cures illness related to “Kabam” (Kaba Churnam or Kaba Suram), like Fever, Cold, Cough, Chest Pain, Body pain and Respiratory organ related problems. It may be used for best intake from preventing the current situation of deadly virus – SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) Corona Virus – Covid 2019-20.

Note: There is NO Proper Approval from Govt. of India for using this Kabasura Kudineer.

Buy Kabasura Kudineer Online: 

Many Online websites claim to deliver this product. but we don’t guarantee about the third party websites whether they deliver during this 21 Days Lockdown in India.

  1. Saussurea lappa Root ( Kostam ver) : Saussurea lappa is botanical name for kostam – கோஷ்டம் in Tamil.2. Adathoda vasica Leaf ( Adathodai Elai) – Adathoda vasica is Botanical Name of Adathodai – ஆடாதோடை3.Hygrophilla auriculata Root ( Mulli Ver ) – Hygrophilla auriculata is the Botanical Name for Mulli Ver in tamil – நீர் முள்ளி 4. zingiber officinale ( Chukku ) – zingiber officinale is the botanical name of Ginger – chukku is the dry form of ginger in tamil it is know as சுக்கு5.Piper longum  ( Thippili ) – Piper longum is the Botanical Name for Thipilli in Tamil – திப்பிலி6.Syzygium aromaticum (Ilavangam ) – Syzygium aromaticum is Botanical Name for  ilavangam in Tamil – லவங்கம் or கிராம்பு7. Tragia involucrate Root ( Cirukancori Ver ) – Tragia involucrate Botanical Name for Cirukancori in Tamil 8.Anacyclus pyrethrum Root ( Akkirakaram Ver ) – Anacyclus pyrethrum is the Botanical Name for Akkirakaram in Tamil – அக்கரகாரம்

9. Terminalia chebula Skin ( Kadukkai thol ) – Terminalia chebula is the Botanical Name for Kadukkai in Tamil – கடுக்காய்

10.Coleus amboinicus Leaf ( Karpooravalli Elai ) – Coleus amboinicus is the Botanical Name for Karpooravalli in Tamil –  கற்பூரவல்லி  this is familiar plant in Tamil Nadu.11.Tinospora cordifolia Stem ( Seenthil Thandu ) – Tinospora cordifolia is the Botanical Name for Seenthil in Tamil – சீந்தில்

12. Clerodendron serratum Root ( Siruthekku ) – Clerodendron serratum Botanical Name for Siruthekku in Tamil – சிறு தேக்கு

13. Andrographis paniculata ( Nilavembu Samoolam ) – Andrographis paniculata is Botanical Name for Nilavembu in Tamil – நிலவேம்பு or சிறியாநங்கை

14. Cissampelos pareira Root ( Vattathiruppi Ver ) – Cissampelos pareira is the Botanical Name for Vattathiruppi in Tamil – வட்டத்திருப்பி

15. Cyperus rotundus ( Korai Kizhangu ) – Cyperus rotundus  is Botanical Name for Korai Kizhangu in Tamil – கோரை கிழங்கு

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